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Sleep safe, rest safe

What we stand for



Our vision






Barry Emons strives to offer an interesting, warm and secure environment for anyone with a special need, young or old.

We have combined our unique competencies in the fields of snoezelen (multi-sensory stimulation), play equipment and special beds to create solutions that help people progress in their own development and provide them with comfort and security.





Our core value






“Everyone can participate” is our core value. All of our work starts with this idea. We want everything that we do to contribute to a world in which everyone has the opportunity to benefit.


For us “everyone can participate” means using our knowledge and technical capabilities to improve people’s lives. We want to add something valuable to the lives of every individual and we will not be deterred by complex situations.





Our possibilities






Barry Emons has been developing cots, beds and relaxation areas since 1984. We develop, test and manufacture our own beds in our own facilities. Our beds are made of an endless range of materials, from wood to coated foam.


All of our products are customized and thus Barry Emons is not interested in mass production. In addition to having various models and innumerable options, we also manufacture custom beds at affordable prices. It is useful to try out a bed, discuss it with your dealer.





What does this mean for you?





We will provide you with excellent service and an excellent product because we have the necessary motivation, ability and experience. Professional and private customers, both local and international, have already made use of our long-standing expertise.


Moreover, Barry Emons has helped a variety of individuals with different disabilities ranging from epilepsy, Huntington's, and Alzheimer's to multiple complex handicaps. We have always been able to find a suitable solution because “Everyone can participate”!